Specialised Translations

Before setting up Evidentia (and fulfilling a lifelong ambition) I worked in a variety of industries and roles, bringing substantial background knowledge to my translation work. In particular I have developed and maintained in depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Websites:

  • I work for a web development company, where in addition to my role as business manager, I am responsible for the project management of a small number of websites. I therefore have first hand experience of copy writing website text, proofreading text, writing newsletters, researching key word terms, incorporating key word terms in existing copy, running pay per click advertising campaigns and critiquing existing websites.

  • Business/finance:

  • I studied all aspects of business during my degree at Swansea University, going on to reinforce the academic knowledge with practical understanding. As a business manager, I am involved in all aspects of running a business including finance, producing reports, business research, HR, and marketing. This also means keeping up to date with current trends in business and keeping an eye on the market, so that we can maintain our position.

  • Marketing:

  • I 'fell' into marketing while travelling in Australia when I worked as a temporary marketing assistant for the third largest telecommunications company helping to organise an exhibition at Darling Harbour. On my return to the UK, I worked in the marketing department of a software development company, where I was involved in all aspects of the marketing mix including advertising campaigns, direct mail, internal marketing and events. I have carried this knowledge forward into my current role where I am involved in the marketing.

  • Technology/IT:

  • I am passionate and knowledgeable about IT and evolving technologies, with experience of working at both a software house and a web development company. Consequently I am familiar and comfortable with software terms and new technologies such as blogs, flash memory, CSS feeds etc.

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